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Your home is the place you will spend
about half of your life, don't trust the
construction of it to just anyone. You
deserve the attention and service that
goes with a small builder coupled with the
peace of mind you feel with a more
financially stable company. You can
have both.

Keystone Classic Homes, LLC exists under
the premise of providing quality homes and
outstanding service to the move up and
move down buyer markets.
  By focusing on a more narrow stretch of landscape, Keystone Classic can
specialize our systems and personnel to tailor to those customers.

With almost 3 decades of construction experience driving the company and
solid financial backing, the company is poised to grow in the Houston market
while always remembering the customer is the one that fuels the engine. Burk
Moreland, one of the founders, says, "If you take care of the customer, they
will take care of you in return. Our customers typically aren't looking for a
'deal'; they are looking for good value."

Where a house becomes a home is the idea that drives us. People don't just
move into a structure. This is the place where they will spend more time than
any other. This is where memories are made. This is where the family gathers
during good times and bad. This is home.


      For information please call 713-426-4445
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